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Smilestones Club

I capture the memories so you can be in the moment.

In honor of my children I am dedicating my digital photography services for FREE to any family wanting pictures of their cleft journey or for any child under 18 suffering from vitiligo. 

Whether it is for before and after surgery photos, doctor appointments, ego boost sessions, birthdays..... or any "SMILESTONE" you can think of, I'd like to be the one you share it with.

My Services include
My time- Up to 2 hours + up to 20 digital pictures
**emotions and pain can be uncontrollable at times on a cleft journey which can impede my ability during the session. This may result in fewer pictures for the family or cancellation. of session. We want charming memories, and I'm here to help not make things worse. On surgery days I am a prop and will not need anything but to just observe and follow your family at a respectful distance. If emergencies arise I will immediately excuse myself from the session and follow up with a phone call the next day to check on your family. ALL surgery type sessions need MUCH preparation as many waivers need to be signed and a meet and greet needs to happen before hand.**

Parents for those with vitiligo can schedule a ego boost with me. We will make the day their own and help them feel more confident in their skin. At least this is the goal. All kids have a hard time coping looking different. Lets show how "different" is actually beautiful if we can. 

It could take up to a month to process these particular sessions but you will get up to 20 beautifully edited photographs that will showcase what you wanted to capture. Please know, Surgeries are especially hard to not only capture but to edit and proof as well. These photos in particular are "raw" or emotional and they are not the most beautiful. They are however the truth and an experience some families want to capture at least once. I try my best to focus on the togetherness of the family, the love and faith as well as the heartache at times. Sometimes its good for a child to be reminded of just how strong they and their family are when going through something so incredibly difficult. Pictures are a good way of doing that and honestly, mom and dad should be focused on their child and by their side. 

All digital photos are free.  You will receive a link to download them. If you wish to order any prints or canvases or mini-books, you will receive a 75% discount. You are basically only paying for material cost on these products and they are an optional purchase. NOT REQUIRED!



Smiles are key to Smilestones.

Feel like giving back? Click the link below to donate to worthy cause.

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